Interior Design
Ilona Hug creates with her team interior design concepts and detailed solutions for interiors of private and public buildings. It includes the creation of public and representative places (e.g., entrance halls, lounges, etc.) as well as the design of offices (shops, restaurants..).

Important subjects are found above in the leisure area and living area. During the last years Ilona Hug esthablished herself especially in the luxury segment.

The harmonious creation of interiors and their structural organisation, is as important to the designer, as the material choice and product choice, the colour and light concepts, as well as the integration of technology.

The aesthetic-artistic aspect is very important to the designer but also the technical aspects will never be forgotten.

Her Interior design should guarantee the physical, psychic and social well-being of the people. Interior decoration is therapy and practices influence on body, mind and behaviour of people. Beside the mathematical and pragmatical aspect, it should influence the feelings, mood and well-beeing.